Upcycled Fashion

Concrete Revolt started out as a collaboration between two cyclists that had never met, but had a common goal. Peace, Equity, and Abolition through community and action. We aimed to do something creatively that would speak to others on bicycles. Whether cycling on dirt, sand, or concrete in various regions. 

We produced woven patches to adorn bicycle bags and clothing items. The placement and final result was open to interpretation and not forced. A limited run of bandanas were produced and became a cool fashion accessory for many outfits. Also dressing up bicycle handlebars to seat posts, to maybe an occasional wound. (or furry friend) 

A portion of proceeds from Project 1 raised $1,200 as a donation to Bikepacking Roots, a non-profit organization focused on creating diversity, inclusivity and a better future for the sport of bikepacking. 

With the remaining patches from Project 1 we’ve decided to upcycle some vintage workwear from a 50 year old sewing factory. This factory, located in Texas, is known to many as Earl’s Apparel. Earl’s is still a family owned and operated business manufacturing their heritage workwear brand, Stan Ray USA.