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Peek a boo / Knit hat - Now & Later Yellow 1 of 1

Peek a boo / Knit hat - Now & Later Yellow 1 of 1

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Made in USA acrylic knit hat purchased from a Flatbush Avenue vendor in Brooklyn. Support local. 

"This is the best quality knit I've worn and washed for about a year now. It's been worn and carried on many bike rides in many cities" -Concrete Trails 

Sewn on roughly, our original Concrete Revolt patch (design by Revolta Art). Added vintage fabric backing behind patch will fray when worn and washed. This is intended over time, the same way bicycle parts wear over time. 

Note: This particular hat has a light dusting of metallic gold spray paint, plus a vintage magenta fabric backing. 

One size fits everyone. Wear this "Now & Later". 



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